This year marks 8 years of us working with and for bright minds and being crusaders for creative startups all over the world. We’ve grown, learnt and made changes along the way.

For starters, we thought it’s time to put a label on our real mission. We now call ourselves the Creative Business Network, because that’s who we are, a destination for creative minds, creative leaders and creative thinkers – and for every curious human on the planet. The Creative Business Cup is what we do, among other things. 

And this year, we are making Creative Business Cup THE bright event for creatives, with a lineup of 60+ creative supernovas and some bright and brilliant keynote speakers, jurors and investors. The Creative Business Cup Global Finals is a big deal because it combines every element of entrepreneurship, business and culture: We love disruption. We celebrate innovation. We embrace technology. But the top of mind for us is championing creativity and the notion of creative thinking. No matter who you are, you stand to benefit from the tenets of creativity – in leadership, startups, pivots, policy, sustainability – and everything you do in life.  To strengthen our creative halo, we are putting the spotlight on topics and issues that are key to the creative and cultural industries.

Among them are:

        • Blockchain with a focus on the latest applications and innovation in supply chain, smart contracts, quality assurance and fashion value chains.
        • Adventure looking at experiences related to outdoor activities and sports.
        • Women’s Entrepreneurship which looks into female founders, diversity, inclusion and debates on how gender makes a difference when it comes to entrepreneurship.
        • Welcome looks at the latest in the latest in the tourism, hospitality and event technology sectors with a focus on artificial intelligence, facial recognition etc.
        • The Future of Food which will map what creative industries can do to gear up for the ground-breaking changes that await them.
        • Creative Business Investors will highlight how creative startups can get access to funding and will also feature the Creative Business Investor Pitch.
        • Wellbeing will have a focus on emotional, physical and mental wellness of a person, individually or in a group.
        • Africa, in regards to the latest entrepreneurial updates and potential for the creative industries.
        • Creative Industries Policy with insights on how governments can make the creative and cultural industries a focal point in policy making.
        • Lifestyle & Design with the aim of promoting and sustainable growth in the creative industries.
        • Americas  with an in-depth look at challenges and opportunities in the Americas.
        • Play and Learn will understand education through interactive activities and experiences.
        • Experience Technology will feature the INVIO Experience Technology Solution to find and award the best in class startups in the field.

You can explore BRIGHT 2019’s spotlights on this page. We will have updated content and more information coming soon! Go be great and welcome to our movement – creativity in everything you do. 


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