The Arcitc15:Exit Path conference is just around the corner – tickets are still for sale

If you move fast, there is still time to buy your ticket through our special discount link, for Arctic15:Exit Path on May 26-27

What is Arctic15:Exit Path?

Arctic15:Exit Path is a two day conference on May 26th-27th that focuses on real business value. Their team will provide the tools, knowledge and the push needed to give the participant a great experience and full ROI for their participation.
To do that, they will gathered the right people in the room, be the perfect size, and optimize networking to the absolute maximum: The Deal Room, Pre-Event Matchmaking, Ad-Hoc Meetings, Networking Areas, Side Events, Workshops and more.

Who is the organiser?

This years Artic15 is the fourth of its kind and is organised by ArticStartup.
ArcticStartup is an independent technology blog that reports on digital startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Their goal is to provide exceptional coverage of the news and trends needed to support a developed entrepreneurship community in Northern Europe.

Use this special discount link to purchase your ticket with a discount until May 22: