Executive Partner

Saudi Arabia

Sama Faissal Al Saud is a young, thriving entrepreneur who is passionately committed to fostering a knowledge culture and enabling the young generations for a brighter future. As the Executive Partner of the Nour Nouf Foundation for Knowledge, a foundation to promote and nourish culture, talents, entrepreneurship, innovations, and connecting future pioneers. Her activities include: Co Founding the Triage Project, a community healthcare outreach program that trains healthcare volunteers in the pursuit of offering public health services to communities in need; serving on the advisory committee of Al Aghar; an independent Saudi think tank founded in 2001 with the objective of transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in to a knowledge society through providing decision makers strategic options in the areas of social, cultural and economic development based in Jeddah, KSA. She is actively volunteering with a number of charitable groups, including but not limited to, Sanad Children’s Cancer Society, the National Home Healthcare Foundation and Kayl Association for Obesity. As well as initiating an animal awareness organization in Riyadh, to promote the safety and care of domestic and non-domestic animals.

Sama embarked upon a flight journey, unparalleled to any other in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite having graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration, Al Saud recently graduated from the Saudi Aviation Flight Academy with a private and commercial pilot’s license, the first female to study and graduate from this field in the Kingdom.