Film director

Sharada Ramanathan is a film director from Chennai, India. Her first feature film, SRINGARAM (Dance of Love) won three Indian national film awards and two Indian Tamilnadu state awards. Her second feature film, PUTHIYA THIRUPPANGAL (Twists of Fate) is getting ready for a pan-Indian commercial release. Her third directorial venture is a film on Indian classical dance, commissioned by the Public Service Broadcast Trust,India, and sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Sharada is a director, board member of Magnus Media Pvt. Ltd., an India based media and film company.

After a stint as a Program Officer, Culture and Media, The Ford Foundation, Sharada served on the international think-tank of the Creative Industries unit, south-south development unit of the UNDP. She is a board member of the World Culture Forum – India. She is on the advisory board of AAT Academy India Ltd.,a premier media, entertainment and humanities college, in her capacity as Governor of the board.

Sharada is actively engaged in national discourses on culture and media on issues such as policy, culture in development and the integration of media entrepreneurship with socio-cultural needs. As a thinker and writer in culture and media,Sharada has written for several national and international dailies, journals and magazines.