Based on strong experience and qualified expertise, the Creative Business Network offers an advisory service on impacting government policies for the creative industries.

The Advisory service focuses specifically on:

    1. Policy Strategy – Mapping best practices and presenting new models to unlock the potential of the creative and cultural industries, including mediation between local governments and creative industry clusters.
    2. Workshops and Round Tables – Using a collaborative approach and involving global experts within our network to facilitate knowledge sharing and co-learning.

Here are some examples of our work

Advisory partner for the Regional Creative Industries Alliance partnership, an Interreg EU Project
As an advisory project partner, the Creative Business Network was the lead on 8 policy round tables and achieved many notable results through the involvement and recruiting of qualified experts and through its dedicated focus towards the creative industries.

Access to Finance

Innovative instruments to facilitate access to finance for the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) : good practice report


A new policy agenda to maximize the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries Recommendations from the Policy Learning Platform of the European Creative Industries Alliance. Read the full report.