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The Winner is Professor Why

The First Prize was presented by HRH the Crown Prince Frederik when CTAdventure was announced the winner of Creative Business Cup 2014 at the Award...

The semifinalists have been announced

A big congratulations to the semifinalists from:Austria: PocketSky Bulgaria: Vanilla Kitchen Costa Rica: Tropika Prefab Denmark: GRØD Germany: Original Unverpackt Greece: AllCanCode Israel: Zuta Labs Japan: Fermenstation Co., Ltd. Latvia: GIGI BLOKS Lithuania:...

We welcome Christian Stadil as jury member

Christian Stadil is also known internationally for his unique and innovative management philosophy and award winning marketing and branding thinking. He is the dynamic owner...

Flavia Simon from Google is in the jury

In the latter Flavia Simon is Head of Marketing in Brazil and responsible for all Product Brands for the last 6 years. She Graduated...

We welcome Indrek Kasela to the jury

Indrek Kasela is an active Angel Investor and his portfolio consists among others Plumbr, Digital Sputnik, Fleep, Teleport, Lingvist.

We welcome Scott Blackwell as jury member

Known for being the father of DreamSpark, he was also part of the team that developed programs like the Imagine Cup and Microsoft Student...

Help us make CBC even better!

Creative Business Cup 2014 has in so many ways been a great success, and we are glad that you were there to celebrate entrepreneurs...

Creative Copenhagen welcomes you in November

“It is not going to be the heavy industry, which will drive the employment in Copenhagen, but it will be the service sectors and...

Must read

Creative Industries Policy Seminar

Creative Industries Policy Seminar is set to kick off...

Hear this right now

How this hearing-impaired designer is kicking ass -- one accessory at a time
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