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Edoardo represented Italy in 2017 at Creative Business Cup with his startup, Betwyll, an edtech company. He is currently sheltering in place in Turin, Italy, during the pandemic and agreed to blog his experience for Creative Business Network.  Monday 9 March | Day 0  (Photo: Matteo Arrotta, “VQ-BDO”, Flickr, Creative...

Join Us at Creative Business Cup

1-2 July 2019, the BRIGHT event!

Celebrating a Decade!

Ten years of championing creative startups in Denmark

Redefining Eco-Friendly Fashion

Nigeria brought sustainable fashion to Copenhagen and everyone noticed

Buried Treasures

One startup’s story of tolkens, sunken ships, robots, and intrigue

World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum

Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Power of the Creative Community

On the power of creativity, collaboration and winning!

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A few thoughts on making the most of your time in the spotlight

Classic Blue Is The New Hue

2019 flew by rather swiftly. The heat of summer was consigned to oblivion and December is here already. As reported by Fast Company, Pantone...