That’s a wrap!

We created a collective voice and we created — and propelled — a movement. And you are all a part of it

SOURCEby Rasmus

We did it. And we did it with you.

Together, we achieved some amazing benchmarks.

Not to brag, but we did it with a lot of style. We raised our fists (and glasses) in the air in celebration of progress, defiance and finding our voices. Together, we learned how to activate not only our brains, but our voices. I think that’s what CBC did this year. And I think it’s the thing of which I am the most proud.

We created a collective voice and we created — and propelled — a movement. And you are all a part of it.

You made this year possible — every one of you. And we thank you for making it a banner year for the creative economy, creative startups and disruptive ideas.

You taught us what it means to be a creative and what it means to be a part of the creative economy. You taught us how to be brave and bold.

You redefined what it means to be entrepreneurial and creative.

And you taught us what it means to just start — start anything, start it anywhere — and do it fearlessly.

Most importantly, you taught us that on the other side of your fear is your success. We lived that for two days in Copenhagen — and we’ll do it again next year.

There are things about these last 12 months that make me scratch my head. I mean, it was a weird year. Cryptocurrency, drones, and all the stuff that Elon Musk did. Lessons still to be learned — new beginnings, new opportunities and new ways of seeing and reimagining things, I suppose. And I’m sure you will guide us into the next phase.

One thing we have learned and stand behind is that we deeply believe we are in an era of reimagining everything — these are the things that give me hope because creativity is the starting point for innovation and disruption. It’s where your journey begins.

Happy holidays to you all. Go into the new year knowing you will have an impact and you can create positive change. You are the future. And we will be right there with you.