Creative Industries Policy Seminar


Creative Industries Policy Seminar is set to kick off this 19 November 2019 and will take place in the serene land of Copenhagen. The seminar is hosted by Creative Business Network and the Interreg Europe, RCIA – Regional Creative Industries Alliance and concludes more than 3 years of experience in policy development in the cultural industries – and we encourage you to participate in this exclusive opportunity!

Regional Creative Industries Alliance is a partnership striving to shape better regional policies towards a modern business ecosystem. RCIA aims at improving the Structural Funds policy instruments related to the SMEs’ competitiveness.

The seminar will provide European recommendations to better regional Cultural and Creative Industries policies for a more competitive economy. Thus, if you are looking for inspiration on how to grow and support the creative industries in your region, this is the perfect opportunity as it will provide you valuable insights on how to shape the future of your city or region!

Formally, the seminar will start with an official welcome by Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor of Employment and Integration, City of Copenhagen, followed by presentations of 8 successful cases where policy development in the cultural and creative industries has had a significant impact:

Panel 1: “Creative Industries – The Danish Perspective”

Panel 2: “Developing a Creative Industries Strategy”

Panel 3: “Creative Hubs & Clusters”

Panel 4: “Creative Catalyst and Access to Finance”

Panel 5: “Film Fund Policies and Tax Incentives”

Panel 6: “Audience Development Policies in Live Art”

Want to learn more about why and how to influence policymakers and unlock the potential of the creative industries? Join us this 19 November! Admission is free! Get your ticket here:


You can read more about Creative Business Network here: and Interreg Europe, RCIA here: