ACE Creative Bootcamp 2016

For the second year, ACE Creative and the Creative Business Cup invite entrepreneurs mixing ICT & Creativity to join Creative Business Cup

Meet the participants here


ASADRA is a conscious fashion marketplace with designers who care about product quality, people and planet. ASADRA selects only unique and conscious fashion that has an inspirational story to share. We have created a new shopping experience using a personalized shopping feed, that helps to discover new fashion designers and allows customers to be in charge of their own shopping experience.

ASADRA is about reconnecting with clothes, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items. It’s about tapping into the pleasure of buying a well-made, long lasting, sustainable garment and recognizing the quality through understanding the inspirational story of how it was made.


ArtConnected is an intelligent, two-sided marketplace for Creative Freelancers & SMEs that matches opportunities with creative talent, venues and suppliers. ArtConnected is a state-of-the-art SaaS solution that combines intelligent layering and Natural Language Processing technology to match creative professional opportunities with creative users and instantly notify users about each suitable opportunity. This not only makes access to opportunities and talent easy, efficient and cost effective but also saves Creative Freelancers & SMEs up to 110 hours per year they currently spend on search and up to up to 50% of time spent on evaluating irrelevant applications.


BESPACED is like Airbnb and DriveNow for creative spaces. It is an online marketplace, a web and a mobile application for private and commercial short-term locations for workshops, courses, offsite meetings and social events. It contains an integrated transaction-based reservation, scheduling and booking system. If you need a suitable location to conduct a course, an offsite meeting or a workshop – on BESPACED you can find the best location in your city, book it in real-time, daily or even hourly. BESPACED opens all doors in town, spares time and money, lets people earn money and connects thousands of hosts with hundreds of thousand of guests.


Dogram is an innovative technology-based company specialized in the research and development of new techniques for three dimensional documentation, close-range photogrammetry techniques and advance graphic representation based on own developments of company. The three-dimensional documentation methodology developed by Dogram, can be used in different markets like archaeology, architecture, mining or industry. Their non-contact and non-invasive techniques can be applied when there are needs of geometric rigorous control, or superficial detail analysis.


Dresy, a personalized shopping experience.
Everything is two-dimensional but we want to bring it to life.
We provide users with the ability to actually see themselves virtually wearing clothes, before buying them and without going to the physical store.
In addition, by using our application you can be sure that the clothes you buy will fit you 100%, no more size guessing.
The “Dresy Friends” option also makes buying the perfect fitting gift as easy as tapping “Add Friend”.


FoxBox gives SMB’s a powerful, simple and intuitive POS system to be used anytime and anywhere, helping them to improve their business. FoxBox is a powerful tool for business analysis (sales, inventory, staff), creation and accessing client databases and simplification of paperwork. With our special hardware, you can connect to any POS printer for a fully professional POS system.


Developing 3D content is time consuming and difficult. No matter if you’re working on the next blockbuster game, a thrilling VR experience, a casual mobile game or a stunning architectural visualization. To get the project to render smoothly it’s quite common for 3D artists to optimize previously created 3D assets by removing polygons or merging multiple assets to reduce the amount of draw calls necessary for a scene.
InstaLOD helps you save both time and money by automating the cumbersome optimization process involved in making your next project a success.


Jooki is the world’s first smart jukebox specially designed for kids. It is operated by the child using its toys, not by the parents with their smartphones. At the crossroads between iPod, Sonos and Skylanders, Jooki is designed for ages 3 and up. It develops creativity and imagination in kids, through music and stories, away from screens. The toy interface makes Jooki very easy to use. It functions without a smartphone or tablet. Children enjoy music in a safe and ad-free environment with no risk entering inappropriate websites. Children operate Jooki by putting “Stars” on it. They are figurines and tokens that act as physical bookmarks for digital audio. Each toy has an NFC chip that links to a playlist, podcast or web-stream. Parents manage what their children listen to by way of an app used to upload music to Jooki and link Stars.


Jumpdrop is an iOS app that allows users to create 15 second SoMo video (social mobile) that can be shared with peers and fans. The app offers a simple, enjoyable user journey to create professional quality video shorts with music at the heart. To date the company has received £250k of private investment matched by almost £100k from the Northern Irish public sector. The app team has worked on apps for Samsung and the London Olympics and COO has 10 years’ experience at Vodafone. The CEO has a BAFTA nomination for composing and has created music syncs for Adidas, Durex and Reebok.


Knitnet is a disruptive mechanism in the knitting world which would: reinvigorate the craft, using a play and learn approach (B2C); Optimize industrial knitting processes by minimizing resources costs and maximizing a fast go to market mechanism; Enable mass customization in fashion and design. The knitting technique is based on repetitive gestures, which form a pattern-based textile structure; knitting instructions mark stitches as graphic signs/word shortcuts. Knitnet uses these principles to connect the tactile world of hand knitting to the digital world of gestures and data visualization. Based on a complex algorithm Knitnet’s smart knitting needles record knitting gestures and translate them into live knitting instructions which guide B2C users (on a connected app) how to knit and can also turn the knitting gestures into industrial machine code (B2B). Knitnet is a one-stop-shop, where users of all segments can record and trade in knitting instructions and supplies.

Konstantin Eleven

Our first service is k11 Indicator. It is affordable, easy to use, expert financial management system for SMEs that offers:
– Identification of the problem
– Analyze the problem
– Suggestions of possible solution and improvement
– Monitors companies progress over time

Seen On Set

Seen On Set is a unique platform where you can find and buy furniture, lighting and décor seen on the sets of your favourite movies and TV shows. As the only one-stop-shop for on-screen interiors we provide a platform to search for and buy furniture, lighting, décor, homeware and tech seen in a movie or T.V. show. With a unique database of products, Seen On Set connects the user with the product they see on set and want to buy. We work closely with the set design professionals working in filmed entertainment and we have affiliate vendors with some of the biggest furniture and lighting brands in the world. We then take a commission on sales. This eCommerce is combined with high quality content. Monthly articles on on-screen interiors and furniture. All ultimately delivering a compelling user experience.

Small Teaser

Small Teaser is a collaborative blogging platform with a nifty built-in ad server. We encourage writers and publishers to work together in blogging their content. Small Teaser is free-to-use for writers and publishers, better yet, they are rewarded with a royalty-based share of the advert revenue for contributing editorial content. Advertisers can target specific demographics, by buying advert campaigns we place throughout Small Teaser publications. Our users are encouraged to sell advert spaces themselves, as we offer them a whopping 85% commission when they do. But we also implement our own sales team to sell adverts displayed in multiple publications, for which the publisher still gets a 50% commission. It’s a win-win either way!
Usage stats: 3300 articles published – 200 publications – 1.8M visitors – 3K advert revenue


Venuebooker is not just another venue listing platform, with never ending lists of venues to individually contact. Venuebooker is an online booking platform that connects event bookers directly with venue managers, allowing them to book any event in a fast and connected way. It allows the event booker to carry out everything online, from menu selections right down to payments.