Creative Business Cup Challenges 2016

This year, Creative Business Cup is proud to present six different challenges. These challenges present new ways for startups to become a part of Creative Business Cup and everyone is welcome to join!


Participation in a CBC Challenge could mean great potential success for you and your business. Why? Because you get to pitch in front of a jury packed with experts within the specific field. Because you can network with other startups working in the same industry. Because the opportunity to connect and collaborate with global businesses is right there.

CBC Challenges explained

You submit your project and check of which challenge(s) you are signing up for. Each challenge has a set of screeners who rate the startups and determine who will be invited to participate. Then a number between three and five of the best startups in each challenge will be invited to Copenhagen in November. During the finals, each of the challenges will have its own session with an international and dedicated jury, which the startups will present their creative and innovative solutions to. A winner of each challenge is then found and awarded.

The CBC Challenges create a unique platform for long lasting collaborations, since they are attended by investors and others of interest within the respective areas. CBC Challenges aim to strengthen and support innovation trough startups.

You sign up for one or more of the challenge here

Remember, ALL STARTUPS, also startups not participating in national Creative Business Cup competitions, are welcome to join!

Further down, you can read more about each challenge and find out which one suits you and your idea.

Creative Business Cup Food Challenge

When we say food innovation, what do you say? For The CBC Food Challenge 2016 we are looking for startups with innovative ideas and solutions for the future of food production, consumption or even marketing. Whatever take you have on solving a future challenge within the food industry, we would like to learn more about it.

What kind of ideas are we looking for? We couldn’t tell you. Even if we really tried, we are not the ones with the remarkable ideas – you are. We can however tell you something about what makes a good business idea and a great challenge participant. What this challenges seeks to find are ideas that are creative and innovative to the core and at the same time can prove a sustainable business potential.

Creative Business Cup Health Challenge

Health is a wide concept that means different things to different people. The World Health Organization defines health as: “… a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” That statement can be interpreted into many forms of innovative ideas and solutions – and this is where you enter the picture. What is health to you? What is your idea of innovation within the health area?

How ever your creative idea and business concept interprets the idea of health, this CBC Challenge is an opportunity for you to present it to a jury and connect with others who works within the same field. Your creative idea and business concept? It could be anything. An app or a product helping people with a physical disability. A new innovative food product improving health. Or something completely different – You are the expert!

Creative Business Cup Living Challenge

Are you passionate about ways of living, and in particular, ways of sustainable living? We are looking for startups who are exactly that. It could be anything that increases the general living standard as well as incorporates sustainability.

Pedestrian and bike-friendly streets in a bustling Indian city. Solar-charging hearing aids with open source design. Or turning plastic waste into a currency. These are all mentioned in the list, that Sustania, a think tank and consultancy headquartered in Copenhagen, published in 2015. Innovation within ways of living and ideas about sustainability are a top priority in our world that faces a lot of challenges in these areas. Do you have a creative and innovative idea, that can help solve global as well as local future challenges?

Creative Business Cup Play & Learn Challenge

Have you been busy working on the next big thing to get kids to learn in a fun and engaging way? Then you need to keep reading and get busy submitting your business proposal for the CBC Play & Learn Challenge.

Results of new research projects point in one direction – children’s main source of learning is experimental play at their own pace. That is exactly the focus of this challenge: ways of learning in new, engaging and creative manners. In whatever way you think you can contribute and inspire kids and maybe even their parents to play and learn in new ways, this is an opportunity for you to get it out in the world.

Invio Experience Technology Challenge

The Invio Challenge is about your innovative idea. The challenge is for anyone who has developed a new and exciting way of using what is defined as experience technology. The focus of the challenge is to explore the latest forms of experience technology and to dig into the potential of new and unknown types of experience technology. What are the new ways of engaging customers through technology in theme parks, at attractions, events within gastronomy or truism? If you have the answer, then we are looking for you!

The Kolding Mobility Challenge

Wider roads, more bikes, intelligent traffic regulation, carpooling and better public transportation. These are all good ideas and great solutions to some extent, but we believe that together we can do better. Let’s put your creative idea to the test in Kolding and develop great new mobility solutions!

The Kolding Mobility Challenge is a competition of creative ideas on new ways of thinking mobility coupled with well-thought-out plans for implementation. Can you chance our existing mindset and understanding of mobility and help us see new ways to make the city of Kolding a better place, then it’s you we are looking for.

Read more about The Kolding Mobility Challenge here.

ACE Creative Challenge

Once again Creative Business Cup and ACE Creative invites creative entrepreneurs from Europe to participate in the ACE Creative Innovation Challenge.

As part of the European Horizon 2020 (Europe’s largest research and innovation programme) ACE Creative is on the hunt to find the top 100 new and emerging creative companies in the EU and accelerate their growth and development.
Over 2 years, starting from 2015, the selected 100 SMEs (50 per year) will benefit from their very own customised support programmes delivered by ACE Creative.
The international team will then help to identify clients, investors and contacts that could help begin the process of international growth.

The top 15 companies each year will win the opportunity to pitch to an audience of international investors at the Creative Business Cup finals in Copenhagen in November

There aren’t many restrictions in place regarding who is invited to apply. That being said in order to be considered you must be an ICT & Creative company that needs support to fulfill ambitions of international growth and from an EU country.

Read more about the ACE Creative Challenge here.

We look forward to see you in November!