Introducing: the finalists of Creative Business Investor Pitch

The fifteen finalists for CBC Investor has been chosen - meet them here

Creative Business Cup Investor Pitch have both the entrepreneur´s and the investor’s interest in mind. The Challenge have ensured that all submissions for Creative Business Cup, be they Innovation Challenge, national competitions or other submissions, have been screened to find the most investable ones. The selected startups will pitch their business idea before a top professional and international jury. The finalists have now been found and you can read about each one here.

BLITAB (Austria)
BLITAB is the world’s first tablet for blind and visually impaired people. BLITAB is a next generation affordable and multi-functional device for Braille reading and writing that displays one whole page of Braille text, without any mechanical elements. For the first time blind people can confidently go to the park, read their favorite e-books, chat with friends and navigate back to their homes. As a new combination of innovative technology and creative design, it offers millions of blind and visually impaired persons the possibility to be independent at work, in school and at home.


MusíGlota (Chile)
MUSÍGLOTA is a technological solution that allows us to learn English through music on a mobile device. The App makes learning constant and attractive to students as they interact with their favorite music on a phone or tablet. MusíGlota proposes a different avenue for learning “significantly, playfully and based on individual taste in music.” This is a major departure from the traditional model of learning English – learning MusíGlota is generated as a “derivative” of the user´s taste of music, being implicit in something as mundane as listening, at any place or time.


DAP Design (Denmark)
DAP Design is an online service for disabled people offering products that give access to ability. Differently abled people are given the opportunity to do things themselves through accessing a wide range of solutions that make them independent from caretakers´ assistance. As a social business it is crucial that DAP Design is for differently abled people and by differently abled people. The DAP Design process aims at having a renewable product lifecycle, and we re-use, re-design and re-energize existing products alongside collaborating with manufacturers of new products.

DAP Design


DXTR Tactile (Denmark)

Smart connected and magnetic building-blocks embedded with light and sensors (Kubits) connect to an application on a smart device. As a toy for children, playDXTR bridges the void between virtual and real play. As a parent you can subscribe to access detailed insights into the development and history of your child, in the same way you’d subscribe to an Endomondo, just much more valuable insights. playDXTR is part hardware (think gamestation) with starter-sets of 27 Kubits and a basestation, part gaming platform and personal trainer for the children, part tracking, analytic and personal assistant for parents and teachers alike.

DXTR Tactile

Aus Design LLC (Estonia)
Aus Design has developed an upcycling design and production method for mass-production with a relevant UPMADE® certificate. This method integrates industrial amounts of leftover textile materials back into design and production cycle. On-site, without any need for down-cycling practises (like recycling, re-fibring etc.) or re-locating materials from the production site. The method is implemented through passing an UPMADE® certification process. We reduce wasted virgin textiles up to 52%, saving up to 88% of energy and 75% of water with each piece of upcycled garment.

Aus Design LLC

Sorry as a Service (Estonia)
CRM software integration that enables customer support agents to dispatch physical, personalized apologies with one click. The key uniqueness is the CRM integration that is connected with local apology partners’ network in Europe – chocolate producers, restaurants and flower shops through which companies can dispatch personalized apologies quickly and cost efficiently. Our strength is in the personalization, because we always add a handwritten card.

Sorry as a Service


Light Instruments (Germany)
We as the Light – Instruments® company from Germany take the responsibility to create a new and revolutionary tool, allowing everyone to play, work and communicate with light. Simple, effective and fun. It is a combination of a user-friendly tablet app and the first server in the world specializing in projection mapping. Controlled via an amazing, intuitive interface and using a projection technique allowing the user to place any kind of multimedia content (pictures, videos, streams, information, emotions) everywhere with a simple projector, we allow the user to see what the projector can illuminate, offering full access to the user´s output.

Light Instruments

Spark Inspiration (Greece)
Spark is a cloud-based multiplatform game engine that allows anyone to make any type of game they want, with or without coding. Our product offers the user a unique framework that doesn’t get any more complicated than it needs to be, so the beginner will be able to use the drag-and-drop interface and have the same options as the more advanced users. As a new user, you will be able to use your programming skills to bring your idea to fruition using our very own programming language which is versatile and similar to popular languages like javascript, C#, etc.

Spark Inspiration

Up See (Israel)
Firefly Upsee is a mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand upright and walk with the help of an adult. The adult and child are attached via double harnesses and double sandals, enabling them to take steps together simultaneously while both of their hands are free to play or carry out other tasks. In addition to helping children learn to use their legs, the Upsee harness helps children with mobility impairments participate in family and community activities, giving them the gift of an active childhood. Flying a kite, petting a dog, playing soccer and fishing are just a few of the activities that children around the world are doing in the Upsee.

Up See


Podwalk (Norway)
An app for site specific podcasts. When visiting a city, instead of taking the tourist-bus or following the guide holding that flag, you can browse nearby podwalks, plug in your headphones and start exploring. Walks can be specific, like the history of NYC’s West Village told through the voices of beat poets and folk singers. You can travel in time when listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in London´s Baker Street. Your commuting bus can become your own personal tourist bus. And if you’re visiting a museum, just take the podwalk. The app knows where you are and matches the story to your location seamlessly.


Tap4parking (Poland)
Tap4Parking provides information on free parking slots in real time mode by converting data from any parking equipment and analyzing video stream in the cloud. A camera of our own production gives possibility to detect slot availability and identify car number. With the T4P app you can find, navigate and pay for parking in a few clicks. With T4P solution the average parking time of drivers will be reduced to 3-5 minutes, parking accidents will be reduced by 10-15% and therefore towns and cities will become ecological with up to 10 % reductions in CO2 emissions.


Doctor Gummy (Portugal)
In the constant search for solutions to the problems of society in which we live and always with a vision of sustainability, a group of researchers has developed a new project that focuses on health issues. No child likes unpleasant drugs, but children need and love treatment. The solution that the team arrived at points to the production of healthy gums, lollipops and chocolates – no sugar, no gluten, no lactose, no artificial colors and preservatives – and combine these with the active ingredient of the drugs in question, using them as excipients.

Doctor Gummy


SPRANGER (Portugal)
The Spranger technology is an innovative solution that allows to create a new type of headsets (headphones/earphones) that have incorporated a pressure sensor that allows detecting if the headset is in your ear or out. With this technology, it becomes possible to make the earphone automatically send an order to “pause” for the equipment when removed from the ear and resume mode “play” when replaced in the ear. The content may be music or video – any type of equipment or appliance fits: telephone, mobile phone, computer, tablet, mp3, radio or any other type of software used.


Codarica (Sweden)
Codarica creates seriously fun coding games that teach kids the basics of programming and technology. We focus a lot on making sure that we create products that the kids themselves would like to play and engage themselves with. The educational value will be stronger if their engagement degree is higher, thus we conduct a lot of research to make sure we create games and apps that kids love. Our first app CodeQuest is available for iOS devices and introduce kids to HTML and CSS. Our second product will teach kids about game development and is to be launched in December 2015.


Caribu (United Kingdom)
Caribu is a children’s video calling and reading application. By integrating children’s picture books into a simple, child-friendly video calling app, Caribu provides a truly engaging long-distance communication experience for kids. Caribu lets you video call and read no matter where you are, so you never miss another storytime. Caribu has amazing picture books from the best children’s publishers just one click away in our bookshop. Be engaged and enchanted, whenever and wherever you are.