Meet Our New National Partner from Botswana

Say hello to EntreCorporate our new National Partner from Botswana


Tell us about your organization and what you do?

Our company is based in Botswana- which is an amazingly beautiful and diamond rich country. Our company, Intracope specializes in training the management of companies and organizations to set and implement Corporate Innovation strategies, as well as subsequently training employees under those managers to actively come up with ideas to support the strategies. It aims to support the expansion of the African business landscape- by equipping companies with real-world processes and guidance for innovative decision making.

Our company wants to revolutionize business in Africa and the world through developing world class interactive training and platforms for engaging in innovation learning for new and established businesses.

What do we believe?

Anyone can innovate! Business Creativity doesn’t require “special individuals” to come up with brilliant new ideas. Anyone can be creative, because business creativity is simply collecting multiple perspectives from everyday life and applying them in new ways to products and services.

Why did you join CBC?

We joined CBC because we are excited about the potential for creative businesses on the continent of Africa and in Botswana. Creativity is a very important part of our culture and it’s almost something that we can say is in our bones, and yet not a lot of attention or support is given to creative entrepreneurs, which is a shame. We joined CBC because it’s such a grand opportunity to show case to the world the creative potential of people In Botswana!

How do you plan to run your first National CBC?

For us it’s all about partnership, there’s a huge push for entrepreneurial activity in the country and there are incubators and government programs galore that are starting with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurship. We have already gotten in touch with a lot of these organizations and they have been more than happy to assist for resources leading up to the national competition, as well as including the national cup as an event leading up to GEW 2017

Want to know more about our company?

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