EPIC Stories

EPIC Stories
Winner of: Special Prize

Epic Stories is a children’s app for iPad and Android tablets that allows parents and children to create animated and interactive stories, tweak them to perfection and share them with other parents.The app is delivered with three different ready-made stories that can be used as a starting point. They can be modified by adding or removing elements, switching characters with each other or giving the story a completely different ending.

By using the characters and other elements available in their library, children and parents can create their own story from scratch and choose to share it with the community. New content will be released monthly, including new sounds, characters, accessories and ready-made stories to enrich the library and to extend the possibilities of the app. It can be seen as a toolbox that lets the child express his creativity.
Epic Stories is made by Epic Web Agency, a digital company based in Belgium that has previously released “Babel, the cat who would be king”, a children’s storybook app.