Genki Insstruments

Genki Insstruments
Winner of: 2nd prize

Genki Instruments was started around the intersection of music and technology in 2015. Engineering students with a passion for music started to search for ways to make technology in music more expressive and intuitive.

They soon attracted a designer and someone to take care of the business side and with a versatile team in place set off on a mission to make technology in music feel natural.

Their first product, Wave, is a ring that allows musicians to control sound, change effects and send commands with the motion of their hands. It is wireless, non-intrusive and completely programmable by the user so everyone can set it up to suit their specific needs. It works out of the box with desktop DAWs or mobile. It gives both visual and haptic feedback as well as having buttons for additional control.

Wave was developed from day 1 in close cooperation with musicians and was used live on stage for the first time last November at Iceland Airwaves 2017. Wave is now market ready and launches in spring 2018.