Winner of: Creative Business Investor pitch

Heart Disease is the number one killer all around the world.

Every year more than 17 million people die from heart disease which is more than any other disease category. According to research, the death cause in many cases is the LATE detection of the disease. So basically, many people don’t know they are sick until it’s too late or even die without knowing of having the disease.

This necessitates early diagnosis of heart disease. But the current screening tools are not accurate enough, are invasive, expensive and not easily accessible to the general public. HEARTSTRINGS is an accurate, non-invasive and inexpensive tool for screening and early diagnosis of coronary heart disease.

It is based on a proprietary artificial intelligence technique which uses a person’s medical data, which are available even in today’s diagnostic process; including ECG, a normal blood test and demographic data.

In fact, it’s a decision support tool for doctors to eliminate the need for an angiography operations in cases where patients don’t actually need it. HEARTSTRINGS helps many patients in discovering if they suffer from a heart disease, even if they have no obvious symptoms which will lead to the saving of millions of lives!

Our invention has been tested successfully and validated in two clinical trials with more than 700 patients.

This has led to several national and international awards and recognitions such as the prestigious Forbes 30Under30 as well as winning the Venture Cup, Best Business Potential in Europe, European Change Award, European Youth Award, Gold medal and the title of “Best Inventor” in eHealth globally.