Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain
Winner of: 3 Prize

Inspired by 6050 days of vibrant Norwegian rain, the designer duo; Bespoke tailor T-Michael and Creative director Alexander Helle, is fusing the most advanced outerwear protection technology from offshore, sailing and other extreme outdoor garments with traditional men´s tailoring and Japanese sensibility. The result is waterproof, windproof and breathable collections of outerwear using recycled high-performance fabrics from Japan. Distinctive garments optimized to suit the demands of urban living in all kinds of weather, extreme rain, ice-cold or hot and sunny, all in one garment.

The collections are a mix of men´s, unisex and women´s pieces, ranging from classic tailoring to subtle avant-garde. Tailored, urban coats and jackets where the hi-tech is hidden. Norwegian Rain aims to make among the most high performance outerwear on the market, yet it shall not feel or look as a functional coat.

Norwegian Rain was picked up by Vogue Italy in the debut, and has frequently been portrayed there since then, along with articles in Dazed Digital, Monocle, Knack Weekend, Quotation Magazine (JP) and Diane Pernet´s influential ASVOF.