A greener Copenhagen

The sustainable city of tomorrow

Redefining Eco-Friendly Fashion

Nigeria brought sustainable fashion to Copenhagen and everyone noticed

Playfulness Leads to Greatness

The secret to success (and having more fun getting there)

The Future of Food

What can the creative industries do to gear up for the ground-breaking changes that await them in the food industry? And more importantly, what are they doing already?

Hotel Recommendations

It’s almost time for the bright event in Copenhagen! (psst, here’s what awaits you!) For those of you looking for a hotel close to the venue of...

The City of the Future

Some cities are more than just a place on a map

Copenhagen Business School will host Creative Business Cup 2016

The international finals in creative entrepreneurship will take place in a building where all types of creativity sparks: Porcelænshaven. The old but well preserved building,...

Latest news

Blockchain and the cultural and creative industries

What is blockchain exactly?You are probably familiar with blockchain as the underlying...
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The world in lockdown: Creative industries to the rescue

Photo by Glenn Carstens on Unsplash2020 has been a year of massive changes...

It is time for Asia-Pacific collaboration

On Tuesday April 21, 2020, Creative Business Network held the first regional National Partner Call with National...

Must read

Creative Industries Policy Seminar

Creative Industries Policy Seminar is set to kick off...

Hear this right now

How this hearing-impaired designer is kicking ass -- one accessory at a time