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Is Finland the new creative hub?

.. and a safe haven for artisans

Update on speakers: Inspiring women guesting Creative Business Cup 2015

Halla Tomasdottir is the founder & lead partner of Sisters Capital and her passion is releasing the incredible economic potential of women’s ways of doing...

Members of the Creative Business Cup Jury 2016

Amy Cosper Amy Cosper is the former Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine and the CEO of RadicalUpstarts.

Meet the CBC Investor Board

Javier Echarri Javier advises private equity players, policymakers and regulators. Javier is a board member of GED Capital and a founding partner of LDS Partners,...

Introducing: Javier Echarri, head of the Investor Board Jury Panel

Private Equity and Venture Capitalist with broad expertise in investor and institutional relations as well as business structuring and finance with emphasis in early stage companies. Meet Javier Echarri.