Creative Business Investors

On Wednesday 17th of June 4-5 PM CEST, we’ll be focusing on Creative Business Investors.

After the first successful “This is CBN”-Webinar on the topic investing, we are back with even more insights on this theme!

If you want to grab the attention of investors and get some cash flowing your way, you’ll need to know what’s up and down in the world of A and B rounds, seed capital and market reach. You’ll also need to ask yourself – am I actually looking for an investor or do I need something else? In this webinar we’ve invited some familiar faces in the Creative Business Network to give us some insights, tips and good practices from the world of investment.


  • Rasmus Tscherning, managing director of Creative Business Network


  • Vanessa Voelkel, Senior Investment and Technology Promotion Expert and Deputy Head of ITPO Germany
  • Javier Benavides, founder and angel investors expert from INVESTA VB, Peru
  • Pedro Da Fonseca, founder of NAMLUX, Namibia

Watch the full webinar

Material for the webinar

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