The Welcome Solution

What is the Welcome Solution?  

The Welcome Solution is about your innovative idea. The Solution is for anyone who has developed a new and exciting solution for the tourism and hospitality sector. Its focus is to improve the travel and user experience by using creativity as a tool. We know tourism is changing, but how are you making an impact? 

What is the prize?  

The prize is 1.000 Euros

What are the criteria?  

The following criteria are used to determine the winner: 

    • The winner must innovate in the tourism and hospitality sector through creativity. 
    • The winner must actively involve travelers and users through their solution. 
    • The winner must have the potential to take an innovative idea and make it a global movement with its product/service. 

The finalists will be invited to Creative Business Cup Global Finals and will be given a full access ticket to the event during which the Welcome Solution will take place. The applicants must therefore be able to be physically present in Copenhagen, Denmark during the event and fund their travel and accommodation expenses.  

Applications are currently closed. Please keep an eye out for the 2021 round.