How do you explain why your product, company or idea is the next big investment opportunity?

It is not always enough to have a great story, the perfect team and a brilliant service or product. There are many key challenges for creative and cultural industries to find funding to launch their business. We want to support creative entrepreneurs getting ‘investment ready’ by providing them with a better understanding of the investor’s community as well as the financial / bank environment. For this purpose, we have developed over several years a global network of experts on this topic to help creative startups all over the world get access to funding.

Creative Business Investor (CBI) is a global investors’ network focused on creative businesses and start-ups, launched by Creative Business Network, with the aim to unlock the full potential of creative industries by easing their access to finance.

CBI brings together a large global community of investors committed to share their experiences about investing in creatives businesses. They are Jury members at our global and national events and they identify products and services with great potential for success. This generates a platform of knowledge-based expertise and experience that start-ups in the creative economy can exploit.

Are you an investor? Join Us

CBI is not only interesting for prospective companies but also for investors! Meet more than 6,000 potential business partners annually, expand your network and help companies grow.

Being part of the CBI network of investors will open opportunities to meet new brilliant innovative start-ups through our regional, national and global events.

What does CBI offer?

We see ourselves as service providers, especially with regard to further training in access to finance. We offer access to viable, high-quality investment propositions from creative start-ups and relevant market intelligence.

Furthermore, we provide:

  • Access to global investors in the creative businesses with potential exit opportunities from existing portfolio companies.
  • Opportunities to bring companies from your portfolio to the attention of other global investors and co-invest with likeminded investors from around the world.
  • Opportunities to become member of the international jury and expert panels and mentoring start-ups at Creative Business Network events.

Who does CBI include?

CBI comprises of the following stakeholders :

  • Business Angels (BA), networks and syndicates.
  • Accelerators
  • Venture capital funds
  • Corporate venture capital (VC) funds Institutional investors
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Family offices

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