Creative Business Summit is a regional event that brings together creative startups from your region and connects them with business partners, investors and new markets. Furthermore Creative Business Summit serves the purpose of highlighting the region’s unique goals, attributes and challenges related to the cultural and creative industries.

Participants will first and foremost be creative startups, primarily from the region but also from outside. The summit will also attract regional Creative Business Network-partners, investors, companies, incubators/accelerators, universities and policy makers.

Essentially, the summit is relevant for everyone with an interest in the cultural and creative industries of the specific region. The aim is to have one Creative Business Summit per year for each of the following regions

      • Africa
      • Americas
      • Asia
      • Europe

We are looking for partners to host Creative Business Summits in their region. If you are interested in hosting a Creative Business Summit in your region and to know more, please reach out to Helene Lassen


Nigeria, 2020

Why be a Hosting Partner?

Hosting and organizing Creative Business Summit, which you are welcome to do in collaboration with other local players, gives you the opportunity to: 

      • Showcase your company/organization and partners as key players in the creative industry, both regionally and globally
      • Make a big difference for creative startups of your country and region
      • Create valuable connections across sectors and borders
      • Gain global promotion through CBN’s website, social media, newsletters, and other CBN activities
      • Develop expertise in event planning and content creation
      • Potentially obtain revenue though corporate partnerships around the event

What happens during a Creative Business Summit?

Creative Business Summit is typically a two-day event with a program made op of below elements. The Hosting Partner decides how to design the program, so it fits the needs and opportunities specific for the region.

      • Pitching competition for creative startups from the region
      • If relevant, include Creative Business Cup Finals for the hosting country
      • Bootcamp for startups and/or organizations: mentoring, networking, tools and tips
      • Discussion panels
      • Keynote speakers
      • Investment panels focused on investor education
      • Innovation challenges

 Please get in touch to hear more and discuss opportunities!

Previous Creative Business Summits

Previously Creative Business Cup MENA has worked on organizing a competition where startups address problems peculiar to the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

In 2014 Creative Business Cup Baltic/Nordic had their first regional summit in Tallinn, Estonia. Since then they have had a yearly summit for regional startups in different Baltic/Nordic countries.

Interested? You can submit your proposal to host a regional event. Read more here.