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Blue light fights winter blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), reduces jetlag and gives you an additional energy boost through a busy day. Latest studies even show a positive effect on significantly reducing the Body Mass Index. PocketSky provides such blue light in the world’s smallest device. A wearable, ultra light bow just 4mm wide delivers the light of a clear blue summer sky to your eyes.PocketSky is a thin, lightweight and stylish lifestyle product which you can use cable free with maximum comfort. It can also be worn over optical eye-glasses. PocketSky can be folded in a small, thin case which includes a battery charger. The package fits in any normal pocket so that you can get your blue light energy whenever and wherever you need it. Wear PocketSky 30 minutes per day and say goodbye to winter blues. Or use it as an optical energy drink to boost your energy level.
There is a huge market and potential demand for this product. Combined with the inherent ease of production scalability, the project can be extremely profitable, allowing high price markups. PocketSky is ultra light, portable and attractive in design.
This greatly increases the likelihood that people will buy and actually use it. It has low production, marketing and sales costs due to its unique one-size fits-all design.Three important patents pending should help ensure an adequate timeframe to bring PocketSky to market It will create high social and economic impact when some thousands of people feel better, are happier and are more productive.